FPOs supported by WOTR record Rs. 3.43 Cr. Turnover in 4 Months

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October, 2023

FPOs supported by WOTR record Rs. 3.43 Cr. Turnover in 4 Months

FPOs supported by WOTR record Rs. 3.43 Cr. Turnover in 4 Months

WOTR is thrilled to celebrates the remarkable achievements of 8 Farm Producer Organisations (FPOs) in Jalna district, Maharashtra. Established under the visionary Central Sector Scheme for the Formation and Promotion of 10,000 new FPOs, these FPOs, championed by WOTR, stand as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the Government of India’s Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare and NABARD in driving agricultural innovation and community-led progress.

In just 4 months, the 8 FPOs, comprising 2,025 farmers achieved a staggering turnover of Rs. 3.43 crores in just four months. Of this output sales accounted for a turnover of Rs. 2.34 crores while input sales accounted for another 1.09 crores. The commodities traded included chana, chili, maize, onion, pomegranate, sweet lemon, vegetables, and soybean.

FPOs in Jalna

Additionally, the FPOs have provided affordable inputs like irrigation/mulching, pesticides, seeds, fertilizer, and vermicompost to farmers in the region. Over 22 buyers were involved in buying produce from the FPOs, including 2 institutional buyers.

The WOTR team led by Sandip Jadhav, Director, has been working closely with these FPOs. The team has been instrumental in participatory planning and preparation, introducing institutional buyers, organizing buyer-seller meetings, gathering crop-specific data, and catering to local markets. The team has been helping the FPOs confront challenges related to aggregation, logistics, market price fluctuation, and payment defaults.

Sandip Jadhav, Director at WOTR, expressed, “The success of the FPOs in Jalna is a testament to the power of collective action and strategic market linkages. We are not only contributing to WOTR’s vision of creating resilient communities and a sustainable economy with ecology but also aligning with the government’s vision of doubling farmers’ income. Our team, together with the FPOs, has demonstrated that with the right support and market access, smallholder farmers can indeed transform their livelihoods and contribute to a robust agricultural economy.”

The FPOs, buoyed by the success of their collective efforts, are gearing up for the next season, focusing on soybean, maize, and pulses. They are also exploring opportunities in basic value addition and processing to enhance their competitiveness and profitability.

Overall, WOTR supports over 40 FPOs across Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan and Jharkhand

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