Sun Pharma joins hands with WOTR to create over 5.2 billion litres of water harvesting capacity in rural Maharashtra

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November, 2023

Sun Pharma joins hands with WOTR to create over 5.2 billion litres of water harvesting capacity in rural Maharashtra

water harvesting capacity in rural Maharashtra

WOTR is excited to announce a pivotal partnership with Sun Pharma for a three-year programme that will address the challenges of water security and climate change in the Ahmednagar and Beed districts of Maharashtra. The programme aims to achieve this by creating a water harvesting capacity of over 5.2 billion litres. With the project spanning nearly 30,000 hectares, reaching across 22 villages and impacting a population of 36,884 and 7,823 families, the alliance signifies a major stride in enhancing rural communities’ resilience through efficient water harvesting and management practices.

Renowned for its commitment to ecosystem restoration through an Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) approach, WOTR believes in the necessity of rooting sustainable development in the health of local ecosystems. This approach ensures that the interventions are not only beneficial for the community but also contribute to the larger goal of environmental sustainability.

Prakash Keskar, Executive Director of WOTR, stated, “This collaboration underscores WOTR’s unwavering commitment to strengthening rural communities against the unpredictable variations of climate change. Our partnership with Sun Pharma is a significant step towards empowering these communities to better manage their water resources, ensuring the security of their livelihoods and enhancing their resilience to climate volatility.”

Sun Pharma believes that business and responsibility go hand-in-hand. The company is committed to leveraging its people, expertise, and networks to address the needs of the communities it serves and catalyse overall development. Lasting value can only be created if the right balance between the triple bottom lines of economic, environmental, and social is achieved. Sun Pharma is committed to making a positive, tangible impact on the communities. Through CSR and Sustainability Initiatives, Sun Pharma interventions address critical needs of rural people which are sustainable over a period of time. The partnership with WOTR exemplifies Sun Pharma’s commitment to serve the community and ensure sustainability.

The project will focus on water conservation, climate-resilient agriculture practices, capacity building for leveraging government schemes, and livestock development. These interventions are expected to manage the supply and demand of water effectively, including addressing behavioural aspects towards water use.

The partnership between WOTR and Sun Pharma promises a brighter future for rural communities in the Ahmednagar and Beed districts. The two organisations eagerly anticipate the results of this collaboration in their continued journey towards rural development.

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