Rural Revival in Telangana: Axis Bank Foundation launches The Sustainable Livelihood Programme in Narayanpet with WOTR

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December, 2023

Rural Revival in Telangana: Axis Bank Foundation launches The Sustainable Livelihood Programme in Narayanpet with WOTR

Rural Revival in Telangana

Axis Bank Foundation (ABF) and Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) have successfully launched The Sustainable Livelihood Programme in the Maddur & Damargidda Mandals of Narayanpet Mandal district in Telangana. Following its impactful implementation in Maharashtra since 2022, the programme’s extension into Telangana marks a significant milestone in fostering sustainable rural development.

The Sustainable Livelihood Programme in Telangana aims to boost household incomes, maintain ecological integrity and enhance well-being of rural communities encompassing 25 villages of the region. Tailored to address the unique challenges of the Narayanpet region, some of the other key aspects of the programme designed for rural revival in this project include improving groundwater availability, adopting sustainable agricultural practices, diversifying crops, improving animal healthcare and livestock management knowledge, strengthening community institutions and facilitating wide market access.

Commenting about the project’s scope and the partnership with WOTR, Dhruvi Shah, Executive Trustee and CEO of Axis Bank Foundation, stated, “Our Sustainable Livelihood Programme with WOTR in Telangana represents a shared vision of sustainable rural upliftment. Through our programme, we facilitate the diversification of local economies by fostering alternative income streams—simultaneously fortifying communities against the uncertainties of climate change. This collaboration envisions a future where economic prosperity and environmental sustainability converge, enhancing lives of rural communities. By pooling our resources and expertise, we are not just addressing immediate needs but are paving the way for enduring prosperity.”

Prakash Keskar, Executive Director of WOTR, added, “This project is not just about livelihood improvement; it’s about transforming the way rural communities interact with their environment.
We are enabling them to become guardians of their natural resources while securing their economic future.”

The project’s inaugural event, held on 14th December 2023 in Kajipuram village, witnessed enthusiastic participation from government representatives, Agriculture Department officials, community leaders and members, and project personnel. The day was rich with activities, including sharing of experiences by local farmers, and engaging interactive sessions with community representatives from other project regions. This involvement from the community heralded an optimistic beginning for the project, showcasing a collective commitment to sustainable development and progress.

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