They Went From Picking Stones to Owning Businesses

Sustainable Livelihoods, Women Empowerment

March, 2024

They Went From Picking Stones to Owning Businesses


Meet the women entrepreneurs who are breaking barriers in rural Maharashtra

In the heart of India, a ripple effect of change is underway. It’s not led by politicians or corporations, but by over 1,000 driven women in 20 villages of Karjat and Shrigonda in Ahmednagar. Tired of the old limitations and the endless poverty, they’re seizing opportunities, building businesses, and shaping their futures through the “Promoting Entrepreneurship, Employment Opportunities, and Increased Incomes in Maharashtra” initiative by HSBC and WOTR.

The New Landscape

Where daily wage labor once defined their lives, these women are now creating a different reality. Poultry farms, goat rearing, dal mills – these aren’t just income sources, they’re symbols of a brighter future. Their success isn’t just measured in rupees, but in the newfound confidence and respect they’ve earned.

Chain Reaction of Change

The impact goes far beyond individual lives.  Families are eating better, children are staying in school longer. These women entrepreneurs are role models, their success inspiring others to break the mould of traditional expectations. The very dynamics of their communities are shifting.

Discover the power of small actions sparking big impact. Watch “Breaking the Mould” and witness how investing in women has a multiplier effect,  building stronger communities and a more prosperous future for everyone. Support the ongoing work that helps women help themselves!

To invest with WOTR to give women agency, write to Madhavi Kadrekar at!

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