Reviving the Roots: WOTR & HDFC Bank’s Partnership for Rural India

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January, 2024

Reviving the Roots: WOTR & HDFC Bank’s Partnership for Rural India

Reviving the Roots

In rural India, where the rhythm of life is dictated by the land, communities grapple with formidable challenges. Climate change casts a shadow of uncertainty with erratic rainfall patterns, exacerbating the heavy reliance on monsoon for agriculture. Water scarcity looms large, amplifying the struggles of those dependent on the land for sustenance. Droughts, unviable farming costs and degrading lands are harsh realities that threaten the very fabric of rural life.

In this context, the partnership between WOTR (Watershed Organisation Trust) and HDFC Bank Parivartan has emerged as a beacon of hope. Forged 14 years back, the partnership has been on an unwavering quest to catalyse rural transformation, touching the lives of over 14,500 households across Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, and Odisha.

Formed 14 years ago, this partnership is dedicated to rural transformation, impacting over 14,500 households

The partnership transcends statistics, focusing on empowering communities to build resilience against agricultural distress. In 4 states, 6 districts, and 84 villages, lands once barren now thrive with vitality, thanks to concerted efforts.

A staggering 5461 hectares of land have been revitalised through this program. We’ve transformed 49,478 lives and created over 3 billion litres of water harvesting potential, reviving agriculture as a viable pursuit.

Experience the journey firsthand-Watch this inspiring video to see how the partnership is transforming lives and landscapes:-


To invest and forge a partnership with WOTR to mobilise rural communities and revive natural ecosystems, write to

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