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Chimanchara – Hindi
Nurturing Climate Resilience in Agriculture by Women Farmers
Assessing the Climate Resilience of Semi-Arid Farming Systems in India: Framework and Application
Understanding the Mental Models that Promote Water Sharing for Agriculture Through Group Micro-Irrigation Models in Maharashtra, India
How Communities In This Drought Prone Region In Maharashtra Came Together To Solve Their Water Woes
Stories of Resilience Case Story Booklet-Chhattisgarh
Sustainability of Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) Do we need to think differently?
Retrospective climate resilience assessment of semi-arid farming systems in India
Effectiveness of Mobile Application based Agromet Advisory Service: Case Study in Telangana, India
Tackling Rural Poverty, at The Root!
The Water Governance Standard – Making Water Everybody’s Business
MOBILISE – Stories of rural change from Odisha’s Ganjam District
Maharashtra Groundwater Act, 2009: Strengths, Weaknesses and Recommendations
Drawdown Area Farming: A Sustainable Agriculture Approach and its Social Impacts on the Rural Population in Jalna district, Maharashtra
From Watershed Development to Ecosystem-based Adaptation
Ensuring Food and Nutrition Security through the Promotion of Agrobiodiversity in the Semi-arid Region of Maharashtra
Focus on Agriculture in the National Water Policy
Effectiveness of Group Micro Irrigation Model and Package of Agricultural Practices in Enhancing Climate Resilience in Semi – Arid Regions of Maharashtra, India
Water Stewardship in Rural India: A HOW-TO-MANUAL
Consequences of COVID19 Pandemic on the Agricultural Economy: Probable Challenges and Possible Measures
Challenging Today’s Water Threats for a Tenable Tomorrow: A Review of Policies and Programs in the Water Sector of Maharashtra
Potential of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) to Contribute to the Policy Objectives: Paradigm of Three-Tier Approach in Southern Telangana—A Case Study of Narayanpet
To Address Rivers, the Address must be a River: A River-Based Addressing System
Nitrate and Fluoride in Groundwater: An Emerging threat in rural areas
Improving Climate Resilient Agriculture through Farmers Feedback into e-Agromet Advisories, Maharashtra
Improving Climate Resilient Agriculture through Farmers Feedback into e-Agromet Advisories, Telangana
Making Agriculture Climate Smart- A compendium of weather based advisories for Management of Soybean-Wheat cropping system in Bhokardan of Jalna District, Maharashtra
Building Adaptive Capacity and Climate Resilience of Tribal and Marginalized Communities in Gunupur, Odisha
Ecologic Newsletter
Triggers and Trajectories of Sustainable Groundwater Management in Semi-Arid Regions of Maharashtra, India A Mental Model Approach
Ecosystem Restoration for Land Degradation Neutrality: The Economic Valuation of Watershed Development in Eastern Madhya Pradesh and Western Maharashtra
Economics of Climate Change Adaptation in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, India
BUILDING RESILIENCE AND COPING WITH WATER INSECURITY: An Assessment of a Sustainable Livelihoods Framework in Semi-Arid Maharashtra
Why Ecosystem-based Adaptation for Water Management? EbA Info Brief Series #6
Livestock and Ecosystem-based Adaptation. EbA Info Brief Series #5
An Ecosystem-based approach to Climate Resilient Agriculture. EbA Info Brief Series #4
Managing Land and Forests – the value of ecosystem-based adaptation. EbA Info Brief Series #3
Strengthening Biodiversity to Enhance Ecosystem-based Adaptation. EbA Info Brief Series #2
Adapting to climate change in India – the value of an ecosystem-based response. EbA Info Brief Series #1
Priorities for the Revised National Water Policy
Water Stewardship and Water Budgeting: A Pathway to manage the water available in a time of growing water scarcity in rainfed Maharashtra
Gaalmukt Dharan, Gaalyukt Shivar(Desilation of Tanks) Scheme: A Drought Proofing Intervention
Socio-Economic Implications: Conversion of Farm Ponds into Surface Storage Tanks in Semi-Arid Maharashtra
Land use / Land cover Changes (LULC) in Semi-arid Regions of Maharashtra
Avoiding the Tragedy of the Water Commons: Promoting Sustainable Groundwater Management in Maharashtra
Reducing Human Vulnerability to Heat Stress in Rural Communities of Semi-Arid Maharashtra
Scaling Ecosystem-based Adaptation to Climate Change in Maharashtra, India: An Analysis of Policies and Programmes
Adaptive Sustainable Agricultural Practices: To Build Soil Resilience and Enhance Crop Productivity
Ecologic – July 2019
Enabling Gendered Environment for Watershed Management
PPCP Newsletter Vol. 7, Sept 2019
Project Impact Assessment Report: Water Security through Community-Led Water Resource Development at Khandke Windfarm Catchment Villages in Ahmednagar and Beed districts of Maharashtra
Enabling Gendered Environment for Watershed Management
Water Budgeting: Tool for improving water governance at local leve
Water Budgeting: Tool for improving water governance at local leve
Using Water Security through Community-Led Water Resource Development at Khandke Windfarm Catchment Villages In Ahmednagar and Beed districts of Maharashtra
A Step towards Quenching Rural India’s Thirst, Experiences and Learnings from the Water Stewardship Initiative in Maharashtra
Practitioner’s Perspective on the JSA
Water gives life…
Water Stewardship in Rainfed Agrarian Maharashtra
What shapes vulnerability and risk management in semi-arid India? Moving towards an agenda of sustainable adaptation
Assessing differential vulnerability of communities in the agrarian context in two districts of Maharashtra, India
Inclusion of Local Aspirations in the Village Development Plans: A Case Study of the Semi-Arids in Maharashtra
Making Agriculture Climate Smart- A compendium of weather based advisories for Management of Green gram-Rabi Sorghum cropping system in Parner block of Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra
Making Agriculture Climate Smart- A compendium of weather based advisories for Management of Paddy-Chickpea cropping system in Sakri block of Dhule District, Maharashtra
A report – GIS based soil fertility status of selected villages in Sakri, Bhokardan and Parner blocks of Dhule Jalna and Ahmednagar districts of Maharashtra
Impact assessment of Organic and SCI methods on green gram-rabi sorghum cropping sequence in Parner block of Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra
Impact Assessment of Organic and SCI method of Paddy-Chickpea cultivation with farmer’s practices in Sakri block of Dhule of Maharashtra
Impact Assessment of Organic and SCI method of Soybean-Wheat cultivation with farmers’ practices in Bhokardan block of Jalna district of Maharashtra
Group Micro Irrigation: A Study of Telangana Farmers
Changes in Land Use Land Cover (LULC) and its influence on gender dynamics
Agro-Met Services and Farmer Responsiveness to Advisories: Implications for Climate Smart Agriculture
Land, Labor, and Agricultural Innovations in a Semi-arid Region of Maharashtra, India: The Case of Bhojdari Village
Ecologic – Augtust 2018
Ecologic – February 2018
Self-sufficiency assured: for survival in the village
Schwerpunkt: Selbstständigkeit sichern – und das Überleben in der Heimat
PPCP Newsletter Vol. 6, Oct 2018
From ME to WE….. From MINE to OURS!: A Story of how motivation changes people’s perceptions and drives Community Action
Kali Aai Nirogi Tar Ahe Na?
Innovating for water security: Ferrocement Checkdams in Jalna District, Maharashtra
Combatting desertification through participatory natural resource management
Making the Invisible, Visible: Manual for preparing Co-DriVE-Visual Integrator to overlay surface and sub-surface characteristics for Sustainable Groundwater Management
Vulnerability to Heat Stress: A Case Study in Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India
Managing the Increasing Heat Stress in Rural Areas
Health vulnerability to heat stress in rural communities of the semi-arid regions of Maharashtra, India
You gave me a chance: In Gratitude to Becker/Cordes Stiftung and Rotary Clubs of Hagen-Lenne & Lippetal
Managing the Increasing Heat Stress in Rural Areas
PPCP Newsletter Vol. 5, Jul 2017
Yield and soil nitrous oxide emissions of Vigna radiata under contrasting fertilizer management practices in Maharashtra, India
HEAT STRESS: Identifying Climate Risks and Assessing
Transformation, adaptation and development: relating concepts to practice
High and Dry, showcasing a survey conducted in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra to assess the impact of climate change on people’s wellbeing and happiness
The Common Bucket: Mahiti Patrak, Niyamawali
The Common Bucket: Instruction Manual
Carbon neutral village/cluster: a conceptual framework for envisioning
Making Biodiversity a Community Resource- People’s Biodiversity Register: A “How-to” Manual
PPCP Newsletter Vol. 3, Mar 2016
PPCP Newsletter Vol. 4, Dec 2016
Climate Change and Agriculture: Moving Towards Resilience for Small Holder Producers
Mobile Phone Delivered Weather Based Crop Advisories In India: The Case for an Integrated Approach
Ecosystem Based Adaptation: Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Watershed Development
Awareness and Capacity Building: Essential for Food and Nutrition Security in Rural India
Securing Small Farmer Livelihoods through a Group Micro-Irrigation Approach: A Case study of Israipalli, Mahabubnagar district
Making Agriculture Climate Smart: A Compendium of Weather – Based Advisories For Management Of Paddy, Finger Millet and Summer Groundnut in Akole block of Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra
Local Exchange Systems: Designing Community Incentives
CoDriVE – Visual Integrator for Climate Change Adaptation: Guiding Principles, Steps and Potential for Use
Children’s Biodiversity Register – A Field Guide (CBR)
Energy, Development and Climate Change: Striking a Balance
Crop Planning For Food and Nutrition Security Using GIS and Mobile GPS Technology – A Case Study of Ghoti Village in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
NATIONAL WORKSHOP PROCEEDINGS Report of the Workshop on: Scaling up Good Practices in Climate Change Adaptation New Delhi, India, 27 – 28 October 2014
Ecologic – January 2013
DROUGHT: a litmus test for Watershed Development
Agriculture in a Rain Scarcity Zone in a Drought Year The Kumbharwadi Farmers’ Response
Community-Driven Vulnerability Evaluation Tool “CoDriVE-Programme Designer”: A Handbook – Incorporating Vulnerability to Climate Change into Project Design and Implementation
Livestock systems, vulnerability and climate change – Insights from the grass roots
Biodiversity – A Key for Adaptation to Climate Change
Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Change: Strategies for a Sustainable Future
Towards Climate Resilient Agriculture in a Changing Climate Scenario – Building Response Capacity of Small-Holder Producers
Watershed Development in India: Economic valuation and adaptation considerations
IGDSS – Applied Technology at the Grassroots Using Satellite imagery and Mobile GPS at village level for onsite plot level Crop-Mapping
Ecologic – October 2012
Watershed Development and Livestock Rearing- Experiences and Learning from the Watershed Organisation Trust, Maharashtra, India
The Hot Water Chullah : Findings from an assessment
Ecologic – March 2012
Ecologic – Augtust 2011
System of Crop Intensification (SCI)
Ecologic – June 2011
Ecologic – May 2011
Ecologic – March 2011
Making Sanitation A ‘Clean’ Habit: Lessons from a School Sanitation Project